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The Impact of the Facebook “Like” Button

buy-facebook-likesThe world of search marketing as we know it may be coming to an end. Do you think the folks over at Google are quaking in their boots at the newest challenge to their reign posed by those pesky social upstarts at Facebook? You bet they are. The Facebook “Like” button just might be the first major change we’ve seen to search in almost ten years.

“Linking” isn’t the only game in town any more. Backed up by the entity that has already taken over the number two position with Alexa, “Liking” might just be the wave of the future. Millions are on Facebook every day and what they like counts for a whole lot. If service providers and retailers don’t pay attention to those numbers, they will soon be on the outside looking in, no matter what Google search rankings tell them.

Of course, the “Like” data won’t be available to the general public, yet, but you can bet that the entrepreneurial spirit at Facebook will be in high gear; can you see the steam rising from Zuckerbergs forehead? On the Facebook executive profiles page it actually looks like Chanath is feeling, I don’t know, smug. I’m thinking I would be too if I developed the weapon that could slay Goliath.

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Three Advantages of the Facebook Like Button You Should Know About

facebook_likeIf you have made a Facebook page to promote your products and services online, then you are on to a good thing. Millions of people use Facebook on a daily basis and you should use your Facebook page to attract a portion of that traffic and divert it to your website.

But did you know that you can harness the power of Facebook right from your own site? All you need to do is to put up the Facebook “like” button on your articles, blog posts and other relevant pages on your site. Here are three benefits that you can enjoy from having the Facebook “like” button visible on your pages.

1. You add credibility to your website content. Association is a powerful tool on the Internet. When your website is associated with another important and trustworthy site, people think that your website is important and trustworthy too. Internet users have come to trust Facebook as a place where they can get reliable information. When people see the Facebook logo and like button on your site, they will feel that assurance that your site and its content are legitimate.

2. Your content can go viral. Word-of-mouth advertising is alive and kicking on the Internet and its power is most felt in social networks such as Facebook. When someone clicks on the “like” button on your page, it will show in that person’s Facebook newsfeed. Everyone who is included in that person’s Facebook friends list will be able to read that newsfeed. If they click on the link that leads back to your website and hit the “like” button as well, you will create a word-of-mouth avalanche. Be prepared for the surge of traffic that will generate.

3. It is easy to put up the “like” button. You do not need to be a web design expert to be able to put up the Facebook “like” button. You can generate the basic HTML code automatically from the Facebook developer page. Just provide the information that the code generator requires and paste the resulting code on your site. If you need more functionality from the “like” button, however, you have to have some knowledge of JavaScript.

No doubt that Facebook “Like” button implementation in your marketing funnel can dramatically increase the visitors flow to your blog or website. As more prospects you put on top of the funnel as more sales you will get in the bottom of it. Therefore, make sure to take action and implement it to your blog right away.

The Revolution Taking Facebook Marketing By Storm

facebook-art-marketing-webinar1There’s a revolution going on with Facebook advertising as we speak. I know it seems like every single day I see some advertisement for a product that’s going to blow my competition away and give me the secret to successfully advertising on the FB. So far I’ve found out that the truth is that it basically takes a lot of time and testing to be successful with any kind of a marketing campaign be it online or offline.

There is however something new that’s come along, an entirely new concept that has proven to be insanely effective. It’s advertising your landing or squeeze page directly inside of Facebook’s newsfeed. It truly is a revolutionary way to generate some serious results that have a lot of heads spinning and marketers all over racing to get in on it.

If you’re like me then you want to know how and why something works like it does. I had to dive deeper into these ads I was seeing and why they were becoming more popular. Now personally I don’t know anything about code and when I start reading about how to put an application together or program my brain starts to do a Fukishima style meltdown. With that said I was stuck with figuring out why being able to place your landing and squeeze pages directly into FB’s newsfeed was working so well.

There are 2 major reasons that placing your landing and squeeze pages directly inside of Facebook’s newsfeed works so well on a marketing standpoint.

The first reason, Trust.

When you don’t have to get someone to actually leave FB’s website then you’re maintaining the trust that the user has with Facebook itself. Whereas when you have to send the visitor to your landing or squeeze page off of FB, well you need to start building their trust all over again before their going to give you any of their information or buy something from you.

The 2nd major reason

This type of marketing works so well is that it dramatically cuts the cost of advertising on Facebook as well. A lot of times you’re paying well over $.25 a click for targeted traffic when you’re sending them off of Facebook to your landing, sales or squeeze page. With this new method you’re generally paying about 1/5th to 1/10th of the costs.

That means you don’t have to totally optimize the living crud out of your marketing campaigns to get them to be profitable. If you’re like me then that’s some seriously good news because if there’s anything more boring than optimizing a paid traffic campaign well, it’s staring at a wall.

It’s a revolution my friends and the good news is that we can now get in on it too. Maybe you already knew how to do it by scratch and have been doing it but there’s actually software people like me can purchase to get in on this new form of advertising on Facebook. If you’re into paid advertising then I recommend that you check into it.